The final amount is the Appointment Base plus the total for all selected options. Pricing is structured in a way that lets you mix and match the features that are right for you, ensuring you pay for the specific things you want and nothing more. 

Appointment:  $80

All appointments start with the base price per car which includes:

  • Review of all available features for your car 
  • Check for and clear (upon request) any existing fault codes
  • Test and confirm all coded options



Standard Options:  $10 per feature

Add as many standard options as you'd like. There is no minimum or maximum number required.



Retrofit / Flashes / Carplay Full Screen:  $50 per feature

Retrofit options, ecu flashes, and carplay full screen are more complicated and take more time to code.  Flashes are



Navigation Updates:  $50

The latest navigation updates are available for CCC, CIC and NBT idrive systems.   Not sure which idrive model you have?  Click here.   



Remote Coding

We offer remote coding services worldwide.  Add $40 to your order which includes a coding cable and shipping to anywhere in the world. 



Payments Accepted

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and cash.