Feature Coding


Below are example features that can be enabled in your BMW.  Download the full list by choosing the appropriate order form here or simply email us at info@bimcoding.com to get the process going.



»  Apple CarPlay Retrofit for 2017+ Cars

»  Enable Enhanced Bluetooth & Office functions (6NS) 
»  Enable Mircast screen mirroring (Android devices)
»  Enable Video / DVD in Motion
»  Enable video playback via USB
»  Disable iDrive "Accept" screen
»  Disable iDrive camera disclaimer
»  Enable sport display (hp and torque gauges)

»  Enable PSI and temperature in TPMS
»  Turn off iDrive/radio when car is off at engine off
»  Enable ///M Performance startup animation
»  Transfer ringtone from phone to car (iPhone only)
»  Enable camera zoom (hitch view)


Convenience & Operational


»  Close windows/sunroof with key fob
»  Fold/unfold mirrors with key fob
»  Open/close trunk with key fob and in-cabin button
»  Auto unlock doors when engine is stopped
»  Enable one-touch window operation with door open
»  Set auto start/stop to off by default 
»  Enable ///M Digital speedometer for non-M cars
»  Disable interior alarm motion sensor (for pets)
»  Heated steering wheel memory
»  Heated seat memory



»  Disable corner ambers for euro style lights
»  Enable double blink hazards for hazard button
»  Disable DRL tail lights
»  Disable auto dimming mirrors
»  Disable cornering lights (E92 or E70)
»  Angel eyes as day time running lights (E90 3/2007+)
»  Enable rear fogs under normal braking
»  Enable GTS brake force display

Gauge Cluster


»  Enable ///M Digital speedometer
»  Enable real-time MPG
»  Adjust fuel reserve warning to 1/8 (M Cars)
»  Enable ///M Performance start up screen
»  Disable key in ignition chime
»  Disable seat belt chimes



»  Aux input coding
»  Disable EDC on M cars
»  Disable RDC/TPMS for aftermarket wheels
»  LCI lighting coding for front or rears
»  Recaro or other race seat coding
»  Alarm retrofit coding